yAxis | Community Update

Hi Everyone!

Time for an update on what we've been working on this last week.


We've continued to make progress across the board.

1) DeFi Pulse was listed.

2) DeFi Llama was also recently submitted.

3) Fixed an issue where users were connected to e.g a ETH testnet and trying to use the app resulting in errors.

4) Snapshot is back up and available from the 'Governance' section of the app.

5) Users were incorrectly trying to connect a MetaMask wallet on mobile browser, instead of the MetaMask app. This is now detected and guided feedback given.

6) Added "Buy YAX" buttons to the landing page and app.

7) Extended button states and user feedback when clicking 'Approve', 'Stake', deposit, withdraw.

8) Refactored the Wallet Connection function - allowing us to add many different wallets quickly.

9) Fixed an issue with the 'Max' Button causing an error with the transaction and causing high gas prices.

10) We've also on-boarded another backend developer who will be building out an automated monitoring and response system.

0x_b1 Commemorative NFT Competition

Congratulations to the winner and all finalists of the $MEME NFT competition. There was a great range of entries, and we're looking to retain some of those creative skills as we move forward.

The finalists can all be seen here.


We've understandably had a lot of questions about when new the strategies may get plugged in. We have 7 strategies ready to go in total.

No issues here. The reason for the delay is we're simply working on something more important in the short-term before getting back to strategies.

That's not to say strategies aren't important; We understand that's the main product. Our prime motivation is getting TVL into the vaults, and keeping it there.

Next Steps

The team has been in overdrive behind the scenes. We've been laying out some exciting plans for v3 and the Canonical Vaults that we can share shortly.

Stay tuned!

yAxis Team