MetaVault Launch, Updates & Roadmap

MetaVault Launch, Updates & Roadmap

🎉👀 The MetaVault will be going LIVE on 10/26/2020 EST. Exact launch time will be announced beforehand

The goal of the MetaVault is to be simple.  The user will get exposure to maximum yield with minimal effort. The first iteration of our MetaVault will have the following features:

  • 1-click deposit with multiple stable coins (USDT, USDC, DAI)
  • 1-click withdraw to any stable coin (USDT, USDC, DAI)
  • Auto-compounding and auto-reinvest of MetaVault funds
  • Auto-staking of the MVLT share token to a staking contract that receives YAX rewards
  • Governance contract for YAX staking that receives a MetaVault performance fee.
    • Fee will be used to buy-back YAX on uniswap. This YAX will be distributed and auto-compounded in the YAX governance contract.
  • 1-click transfer to new strategy.
    • First iteration will require a single click from user during strategy change. Next iteration is being built now and requires no action by user after depositing (“Set it and forget it”)
  • Initial MetaVault strategy will farm pJar 0c
    • MetaVault APY = pToken price appreciation + PICKLE rewards + YAX rewards – fees

MetaVault code will go public shortly.  We are in discussions for an official audit but it’s unlikely that this will be completed at launch.

✨Community  Updates

  • YIP-02 passed unanimously! We are currently rewarding YAX/ETH pool (2x) and YAX/USDC pool (90/10, 1x) with a tapered emission schedule. All other pools have been made inactive. We will be entering week 2 of this new rewards epoch today:
  • Our UI has been polished up in anticipation of MetaVault launch. Check it out at
  • ~$3.5k work of BAL rewards have been mobilized from our multi-sig to pay for contract deployment costs
  • We are voting NOW for YIP-03, YIP-04, and YIP-05
    • YIP-03: YAX rewards for MetaVault dpositors
    • YIP-04: MetaVault performance fee
    • YIP-05: Community treasury mobilization for additional product development
    • We utilize quadratic voting. YAX holders can vote with YAX in their wallet, YAX staked in uniswap pool, and YAX staked in balancer pool
    • Vote here

👀Roadmap 🚗

  • 10/26/2020 EST: MetaVault v1 launch!
  • November-December 2020: Transition to community multi-sig
  • Early December 2020: MetaVault v2 launch
    • Depositors will not need to interact with vault for strategy changes! Strategy changes will occur automatically based on governance voting. A multi-sig veto will be implemented.
  • Q1 2021: Project Y.O.D.A. (currently in stealth)

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