[Sneak Peek] UI & v3 development

[Sneak Peek] UI & v3 development

With the recent audit for v2 MetaVault, it's time to look towards launch and what's coming down the roadmap. One of those things is the new UI.

Our rockstar designer @Vinrock is quickly gaining a reputation in crypto, after a previous mainstream portfolio @Apple, @Facebook and @Salesforce.

#Chainlink and #YFLink notably also use Vinrocks work. Now it's over to yAxis and the MetaVault. Check it out!


We are building a UX/UI that gives a familiar feel. With colour schemes, terminology and flows all designed to nurture a newcomer through on-boarding, all the way to realising a return.

Blockchain as a whole suffers from overly complex products, which are frankly off-putting to non-technical people.

Finance is more than numbers - it's peoples savings, their inheritance, their debt. Everyone is attracted to the potential returns, but at first glance it's understandable why there is still hesitance to get involved.

Presenting things simply is crucial to the wider adoption we all hope DeFi can attain.

One-click in. One-click out.

Deposit and withdraw via a range of stablecoins

Landing Page

From the start, we're welcoming people into the application; YAX makes DeFi easy to use and easy to earn.

We'll be hosting a range of resources, guides and tutorials on the landing page to lower that barrier to entry and earn the trust of our prospective users.

Snippet from the upcoming landing page

Advanced Features

One of the advanced features of v3 is the DAO's ability to vote on strategy changes. Like being a distributed fund manager; we share the responsibility and share the rewards.

What are we offering? A L2 meta vault; A multi-strategy, split-weighted vault, with granular control over asset allocation.

Access any available strategy from any project. We dial risk up and down as needed to seek safe, optimal returns. For that work, a small % is taken as an earning.

Earnings continuously buy $YAX on the open market. So the value of $YAX, now approaching fixed supply, will directly reflect vault performance.

Hope you've enjoyed the sneak peek. Look forward to sharing more as development progresses.

The yAxis, $YAX and MetaVault team