Patch & Polish

The MetaVault v2 has been live for a week, and was met with great feedback on it's design. We released both the code update and new UI together, and have been working hard this week on polishing outstanding issues. Thanks to the community for the reports and patience with this process.

The timing of launch was unfortunately met with a general market correction which took away a lot of momentum. Whilst the temporary token price is deflating, progress on all fronts continues.

This week we'll also be plugging in our strategies, which will see a boost to the headline APY.

yAxis continues to be number 2 on the list of Github activity across yield farming.

Here's a list of snags we've completed since launch:

Mobile Wallets - Both Metamask and Wallet Connect are now supported. Reminder that mobile Metamask users have to navigate to web3 apps through their Metamask app.

Clearer Labelling - MVLT/USD on the MetaVault withdraw tab. And sYAX/YAX on the Staking page.

Withdraw estimates - Withdrawing to a particular stablecoin didn't estimate the exact price of that token. This now accurately changes depending on the currency selected.

APY - Formulas and calculations checked. The APY is still showing lower due to a) Harvest not being called since launch due to the converter (see below) and  b) No strategies plugged in yet.

"Returns" - Accounting individual gains is tied to implementing The Graph, which will be used for tracking personal account balances. This shows as TBD for now, and are considering temporarily removing it to avoid confusion to the user.

LP page - Share of pool. Decimal places. APY formulas. No of tokens. Pair stats all displaying correctly.

Landing page - We've aligned some links, and logos. We're building a 'how to' section as well as inner marketing pages to help attract those new to DeFi.

Harvest/Claim - Button implemented on the MetaVault and working as intended.

LINKSWAP - Added the LP pool to our liquidity provider page.

Wallet disconnect bug - Community member reported trouble disconnecting their wallet. We managed to replicate and fix this.

DeFi Pulse Adapter - We've been in a waiting queue for a while now to have our PR merged. Expected shortly.

Gas fees - the Chainlink converter implementation was creating gas errors for depositing and withdrawing, ironically due to trying to keep us too safe. After several attempts, we've decided to switch back to the old converter for now while we troubleshoot further.

USDC/USDT - The code and UI had listed these tokens in flipped order, so when "depositAll" was used - it was causing an issue with calculating prices. Found & fixed.

We've invited a community member @ayjayem into our acceptance environment and together have conducted another sweep of the app, and produced a list of minor things to keep us busy this week before moving onto new features on the weekend.

We'll be starting to look at The Graph for tracking account balances and vault performance, as well as additional wallets, night mode, and snapshot for governance amongst others.

@ayjayem has kindly offered to help assist on community tech support, and will be reaching out via DM under the account @yaxsupport where appropriate.

The growing community-sourced team is working hard on everyone's behalf. We really appreciate all the people stepping up to contribute.

yAxis Team